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About Us

Lakeview Institutional Wealth is the Institutional Consulting and Ultra High Net Worth division of Lakeview Capital partners, an independent, employee-owned wealth management firm. Our mission is simple, we believe we are both a partner to our clients as well as their advocate in today's complex world. Ultimately, our mission is to be an extension of our clients. It is only when our interests are properly aligned with the interests of our clients that we earn the trust so critical in building lasting long-term relationships.

How We Are Different

Our investment philosophies are all founded on three core values: integrity, transparency, and customization.

Integrity: The independent consulting structure of Lakeview protects our client's best interests. We use a fully disclosed and transparent fee structure and therefore are never incented in a direction that conflicts with protecting and growing our client's portfolio.

Transparency: We strive for full transparency with regard to the costs our clients incur in the management of their portfolios and believe in open and fully disclosed communications with our clients at all times, on all issues. We are aware there are potential conflicts of interest within this industry. Our goal is to make our clients aware of these potential conflicts and where possible, minimize or eliminate them.

Customization: We believe every investor or institution is unique, with different visions, goals, and missions. We also believe these core characteristics often change and evolve over time; therefore, we are proactively involved with each client. We are an extension of our clients by providing the resources, expertise, and personal service to help each client meet their goals or further their mission.

Core Services

  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Development/Review
  • Asset Allocation Modeling
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Manager Search and Selection


  • Portfolio Implementation
  • Performance Measurement
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Socially Responsible Investing

Additional Services

  • Client Education
  • Fee Negotiation
  • Custodian Searches